Oct 022017

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the latest Windows 10 update.  It ruined his ability to log in to his local user profile, and he spent days copying data between the old and new profiles, and still days more re-registering all of his software.  Fast forward a few days, and I see the High Sierra update.  I figure, I’ve got a newish MacBook Pro, and I’ve not had any problems with migration since 10.5 that I can recall.  So I load the update, but I cannot log in – invalid password.  I boot to recovery, reset the password, and same result.  I attempt various versions and sequences of this with no progress.  I even loaded the system clean and attempted to transfer my data with the migration tool.

No love.

So I created a new user profile and soldiered on…..   day 3

Apr 122017

The Hackintosh Plex Server is almost a year old.  It’s interesting to look at the network traffic coming out of it as graphed by Cacti.  The spike between September and October was when I had pneumonia.  I think I watched a few shows in their entirety…


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 10.28.23 PM

Mar 252016

So after losing a tire on my second run out this season, I decided to change out my stock Bontrager tires for some slicks.  Since I’m usually riding on local roads or the rail trail anyway, I figured why not.  I picked up a pair of thorn resistant inner tubes, and a pair of Continental City Ride II tires.  The tires were much easier to mount than I expected.  At first I was put off by the whitewall strip on the side of the tires – I think black tires look so much better!  However, the strip on these tires is highly reflective, and since I do the bulk of my “get less fat” riding at night, these are well suited for making sure all the local drunks and tourists can see me at night.  Have a look here:


The reflective strip illuminated by the flash on my iPhone.

The first thing I noticed on my first ride with these tires was just how quiet they were.  Some of the Amazon reviewers complained that the tires didn’t roll quite so nice as some other tires and that you might notice reduced speed, but I’m too far out of shape to make that determination at this point. (Like REAL bad..LOL)  I figure a few months down the road, I’ll be better able to compare the performance of these tires against the stock tires on longer rides.  This time out, I was off my usual time by 50%…yikes!


And you know the 20.8mi/h was downhill, right?