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New Tires!

So after losing a tire on my second run out this season, I decided to change out my stock Bontrager tires for some slicks.  Since I’m usually riding on local roads or the rail trail...

HDD Cadence Magnet Success! 0

HDD Cadence Magnet Success!

Initial testing of the cadence sensor with the hard disk magnet affixed to the back side of the crank seems to yield the desired result!   Here’s a better look at the magnet:

Wahoo Blue SC 0

Wahoo Blue SC

So after a few trips down the rail trail and back I decided that I didn’t really want to trust A-GPS from my iPhone 5S to deliver accurate speed and distance information to Cyclemeter....

Mia singing Silent Night at church 0

Mia singing Silent Night at church

Liam is dressed as a shepherd (in blue) holding a staff.  Aeryn is dressed as a sheep, bouncing around in the front. This was at the First Congregational Church of Yarmouth the week before...

Robot Chronicles I 0

Robot Chronicles I

Today we begin our preliminary research.  Since we have very short attention spans and plenty of disruptions, we figured we’d begin by learning about the project board that should be arriving this month.  We’ve...

Web”master” BillyK 0

Web”master” BillyK

So for the past week or so, I’ve been updating my basic knowledge of HTML, and learning to easily position elements with CSS. I’ve learned that my greatest learning curve in web development will...