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HDD Cadence Magnet Success! 0

HDD Cadence Magnet Success!

Initial testing of the cadence sensor with the hard disk magnet affixed to the back side of the crank seems to yield the desired result!   Here’s a better look at the magnet:

Wahoo Blue SC 0

Wahoo Blue SC

So after a few trips down the rail trail and back I decided that I didn’t really want to trust A-GPS from my iPhone 5S to deliver accurate speed and distance information to Cyclemeter....

iPhone 2.1 update 0

iPhone 2.1 update

It’s been a few weeks now since the 2.1 update was released for the iPhone. The update restored the main feature I had missed since upgrading to the iPhone 3G. I now have the...

iPhone 2.0.2 Update 0

iPhone 2.0.2 Update

Since I disabled 3G on my iPhone last week, I have experienced very good reception and call performance. I am now able to make calls in remote areas, such as 6A in Yarmouthport, and...

iPhone 3G woes 0

iPhone 3G woes

I had actually already updated to iPhone firmware 2.0.2 While this might improve things elsewhere, here on good old Cape Cod, you won’t have a prayer of maintaining a phone call if you are...

iPhone 3G after a week 0

iPhone 3G after a week

So I’d heard about people that had such an addiction to their Blackberry’s that they sufferred from depression when service was down or they were without them. I must love my iPhone. The fact...

Upgrading from Unofficial iPhone 2.0 Firmware to Official 2. 0

Upgrading from Unofficial iPhone 2.0 Firmware to Official 2.

Yesterday, Mac Rumors published a link to what appeared to be the release version of the iPhone 2.0 Firmware. This version of the firmware was successfully installed on a number of original iPhones and...