UDOO Quad case is in!

I’m so excited!  I’ve put off doing anything with my Udoo forever, as it didn’t seem right to me to try to hobble something together with it without a proper case to put it in.  Anyhow…  a few weeks ago, I stumbled across the home page of a Lithuanian engineer that designed and built a case for his!  I was literally drooling over the pictures.  Imagine my excitement when I realized he had a production facility and was selling them!  I want to say, the total cost was under $40 US.  I’ll post a link and more information about it when I’m back in front of my computer, but in the meanwhile, here are a few pictures of my Udoo Quad in it’s case:


(NOTE:  If the gallery doesn’t render here, click the Post title above to open it. – I’ve really got to stop messing with the back-end of Suffusion)


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