Sep 062015

So after a few trips down the rail trail and back I decided that I didn’t really want to trust A-GPS from my iPhone 5S to deliver accurate speed and distance information to Cyclemeter.   After all, if I’m going to ride forty-odd miles and then analyze the ride data later, shouldn’t it be accurate?  So I needed a speed sensor.

Cyclemeter is compatible with a wide range of devices.  Given my application, I decided to pick up a Blue SC from Wahoo Fitness.  This tracker will not only do speed, but also cadence.  Initially cadence wasn’t important to me, but after reviewing ride data for a few short runs, I’ve found it to be useful in improving my pace in a few spots that have rough asphalt or hills. 

The Wahoo Blue SC includes the main unit, a magnet to attach to a spoke for the speed sensor, and a magnet that slips onto the crank to measure cadence. 

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC

 The devices look something like this when installed: 

Lower red arrow is cadence magnet

 Here it is on my bike: 

 Unfortunately the magnet on the crank is pretty easy to kick off the bike apparently.  Mine seems to have gone missing at about the 12 mile mark: 

Lost the crank magnet!

 I’ll have to contact Wahoo Fitness for a replacement, but in the meanwhile, I’ve got a magnet pulled out of an old hard disk affixed to the back side of the crank.  In a very brief test, it seemed to deliver the desired result.  This is a lot less bulky than the magnet that came with it, so if I’m lucky, it won’t go flying off at speed. 

Hope it stays on!

 I’ll have to let you know!

Sep 042015

I’m so excited!  I’ve put off doing anything with my Udoo forever, as it didn’t seem right to me to try to hobble something together with it without a proper case to put it in.  Anyhow…  a few weeks ago, I stumbled across the home page of a Lithuanian engineer that designed and built a case for his!  I was literally drooling over the pictures.  Imagine my excitement when I realized he had a production facility and was selling them!  I want to say, the total cost was under $40 US.  I’ll post a link and more information about it when I’m back in front of my computer, but in the meanwhile, here are a few pictures of my Udoo Quad in it’s case:


(NOTE:  If the gallery doesn’t render here, click the Post title above to open it. – I’ve really got to stop messing with the back-end of Suffusion)


Sep 042015

So I was on a roll with my new found health kick.  Getting plenty of exercise…  eating better (for the most part)…  I wasn’t so sure about the accuracy of my scale.  The older it got, the more widely the weigh range would vary between weigh-ins.  So after getting really pissed at it the other night, I decided to replace it with a Withings W30, which would give me an accurate read, and update my tracking apps automatically – bonus!


Well, it appears I’m fatter than I realized…  This scale hates me, too!




On the plus side, I really like the scale.  It’s well constructed, setup was a breeze, and it is able to recognize each household member I have programmed into it.  I love tech almost as much as I love nachos…  Curse you, nachos!