Sep 042015

I’m so excited!  I’ve put off doing anything with my Udoo forever, as it didn’t seem right to me to try to hobble something together with it without a proper case to put it in.  Anyhow…  a few weeks ago, I stumbled across the home page of a Lithuanian engineer that designed and built a case for his!  I was literally drooling over the pictures.  Imagine my excitement when I realized he had a production facility and was selling them!  I want to say, the total cost was under $40 US.  I’ll post a link and more information about it when I’m back in front of my computer, but in the meanwhile, here are a few pictures of my Udoo Quad in it’s case:


(NOTE:  If the gallery doesn’t render here, click the Post title above to open it. – I’ve really got to stop messing with the back-end of Suffusion)


Sep 042015

So I was on a roll with my new found health kick.  Getting plenty of exercise…  eating better (for the most part)…  I wasn’t so sure about the accuracy of my scale.  The older it got, the more widely the weigh range would vary between weigh-ins.  So after getting really pissed at it the other night, I decided to replace it with a Withings W30, which would give me an accurate read, and update my tracking apps automatically – bonus!


Well, it appears I’m fatter than I realized…  This scale hates me, too!




On the plus side, I really like the scale.  It’s well constructed, setup was a breeze, and it is able to recognize each household member I have programmed into it.  I love tech almost as much as I love nachos…  Curse you, nachos!