Monthly Archive: March 2015

DIY Mozy Alternative 0

DIY Mozy Alternative

Until recently, Mozy Pro was used to backup offsite nightly.  The backup included all administrative data, user profiles, SQL databases, etc.  The SQL databases were automatically backed up to the server nightly, and then...


A Mac virus? Say it isn’t so! OK. It isn’t so. If you’re a recent PC convert, it might be all too familiar…Just "Force Quit" Safari. Reopen Safari…Click on "Don’t Reopen (all that crap that wouldn’t let me do anything)"Viola!

Graphing your LAN with Cacti 0

Graphing your LAN with Cacti

It’s so much easier to see what’s happening when you setup Cacti to graph network traffic.  Netflix keeps pausing?  Kids are on the Playstation?  Check out network traffic to see who’s hogging all...