Aug 092013

So learning cli commands for multiple operating systems simultaneously is reminiscent of taking french and spanish in school.  Twenty years later, and I speak neither.  Thankfully, ‘unix-like’ pretty much means that someone already wrote a conduit, recipe or package for your favorite tool.  How I managed to not totally blow away my system messing around with brew, fink and an assortment of other package installers before I got my bearings, I’ll never know.  Not quite ready for Gentoo, but I’m starting to get the hang of Arch Linux.  I see a raspberry pi in my future.  By the looks of things it’s like the microcomputer equivalent of the swiss army knife.  Looks like you can set one up as a universal repeater/plex media center client which would be handy on vacation…


And here’s the proof that more of out customers are using Macs than ever before:

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