Aug 022012

Well it seems I’ve successfully managed to move my WordPress site from HostGator to the Mac Mini in my living room.  Following setup of DDNS, MySQL and some other fun stuff it appears to be working.  All except for my favorite theme, that is.  Somehow the theme no longer seems to know its’ left from right.  For now, I guess I’ll roll with this.  I simply don’t have the time (nor desire) to troubleshoot code at this time.  I’ll be spending some time looking at the differences in server capability between 10.7 and 10.8 in the very near future.  I’m starting to think that Snow Leopard Server was a better overall package, given the GUI removal of ftp management and the stripped down offerings RE: e-mail server.  The single point of management is nice in 10.8, but the more I get into it, the more I’m disappointed in the lack of ‘basic’ features.  For example, no server support for away messages in e-mail?  Wow!  That’s pretty weak.


Anyway, this concludes my test post to on my Mac Mini…

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