Monthly Archive: August 2012

Spam and Malware 0

Spam and Malware

I’ve been doing the IT thing for a bit now.  In recent years, I’ve found more job satisfaction in finding solutions for complex problems (usually with budget constraints), workflow optimization, and consulting work.  Inevitably,...

"***JUNK MAIL*** " 0

Fun with OSX 10.8 Mail Server

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of an in-house mail server for awhile.  I have setup Microsoft SMTP service for outbound mail on one of the Windows servers in an effort to...

OSX 10.7.4 Server 0

OSX 10.7.4 Server

Well it seems I’ve successfully managed to move my WordPress site from HostGator to the Mac Mini in my living room.  Following setup of DDNS, MySQL and some other fun stuff it appears to...