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Mac Mini A1176 logic board

Mac Mini A1176 logic board

Well, I had some opportunity today to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.  I had created a Windows 2008 R2 VM in Parallels awhile back for testing (inevitably, I’ll someday be made to implement that crap onto the network), and a few folks have inquired once or twice about exchange…

Four hours later, I discovered that there was no POP3 collector service/method.  (I’ve stayed away from exchange since the 2003 version, as outsourcing is often more cost effective when only a few mailboxes are required.) So I’d seen it in SBS on accounts I had taken over.  Anyway, long story short is that after making the necessary adjustments to get incoming mail and outbound mail to work (without affecting our hosted mail accounts), I’ve decided to try and fix my old Mac Mini.  Apple calendar sharing along with hosted IMAP accounts will do more or less what we need for free, and exchange (as with all things Microsoft) is such bloatware.

Stay tuned to see if this was a big waste ‘o time…




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