Monthly Archive: May 2011

Antivirus software fun 0

Antivirus software fun

I recently stumbled upon a computer that seemed to be confused about the installed anti-virus software.  Though anti-virus software is a necessary evil in the Windows world, I’ve never really been a fan of...

MobileMe Calendar — Not for business use 0

MobileMe Calendar — Not for business use

Recently, I have come across some major deficiencies in Apple’s MobileMe service, as well as their implementation of caldav support and iCal. Since the upgrade to the new calendar format, a client has been...

BK is back online

BK is back online

After an 18 month hiatus from active blogging, I’ve moved my site(s) from 1&1 to Hostgator. (More on that later) I’ve spent a bit of time doing some merge/purge on old blog entries, as...