Sep 052009

Since I’ve been using Snow Leopard, I’ve virtually stopped using Entourage. Granted, I had just upgrade to the web edition, allowing for tasks and notes to be synchronized… I’m very happy with the native Mac integration. The more I work in an Apple environment, the happier I am. While certain aspects of the OS are not as regimented as Windows, once you learn some keyboard shortcuts, away you go. And since it’s based on Unix, there are endless options for add-on software. Now on to my new discovery: Dejumble.

The native exchange support is very weak in it’s handling of tasks. Productivity for me is hard-wired into GTD mentality. It is very important that my contact data/schedule, etc be universally available from any device or computer I happen to be working on. It is also extremely important that the machine I use the most have a good interface for entering and handling tasks. I used Things and Omnifocus (both on the iPhone and my MacBookPro), but found their lack of exchange integration to be a deal breaker. Exchange integration is critical as my exchange mailbox is synchronized with the company ACT! database.

Dejumble is the answer to iCal’s weak access to task notes. Initially, I wasn’t sure how it would handle the exchange sync. I expected tasks to be lost in the process. I am pleased to report, that after 5 days of heavy use, I am here to say that the syncs are handled perfectly. Any change to task notes in Dejumble are instantly updated in iCal, which then updates the exchange server.

Screen shot 2009-09-05 at 10.52.16 PM.png

If you want to sync your tasks to your iphone, check out TaskTask.


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