Jul 192009

If you have not yet jailbroken your iPhone yet, you definately should.
Among other things, Pwnagetool allows you to specify the size of your system partition. The Cydia installer now includes a status screen that shows disk usage. Be sure to double the default so that you can install useful applications such as iBlacklist!

Jul 192009

WordPress for iPhone has improved, but still appears to have some issue with my blogs. I see spinning wheel thingy.

Didn’t lose the local draft this time, though it seems there is something odd about the additional local drafts folder in the posts.

Category selection has been improved.

Jul 182009

Due to a botched trip to the zoo, we discovered a new place to play on Cape Cod. I’d been by the Children’s Museum before traveling to and from job sites, but never considered this as a possible destination for a day trip. Traffic was fairly heavy leaving the Cape today, and we got off to a late start. It was nearly 2:00 PM by the time we were on the highway. Thanks to a stop at exit 6 for lunch and drinks, I checked the zoo website and found that they closed at 4:00. Given the traffic and the distance, we’d have been lucky to get there by 3:30. On a whim, we grabbed some tourist fliers at exit 6 and found the Children’s Museum listed in one. So, off we went.


The admission fee was reasonable, and they were open until 5:00PM. It cost $24 to get in. I was impressed by the number of exhibits they had, as well as the number of types of activities, exhibits, and toys on hand. Because the weather was beautiful today, we practically had the museum to ourselves. There were no more than two or three other families there when we arrived.


There is a mock up of a submarine, complete with a working periscope. The kids loved it.


The exhibits are really well done, with lots to keep the kids occupied. Though the museum is a fraction of the size of the one in Boston, I preferred it. Because, the museum is essentially one very large room, it is easier to keep an eye on the kids.


The best thing (for me) about this place is that there are things to do for both of the children (ages 1 and 3). There is a small music room with a working keyboard, tambourines, percussion instruments, etc. There is an area where kids can put on a puppet show (complete with stage). There are a number of places to play dress up, as well as puzzles and exhibits that older children will enjoy.

When it was time to leave, the kids went ape-shit (naturally). The staff gave us vouchers for free ice cream cones for the kids at a local ice cream place which immediately distracted the kids. We will definitely be back.