Feb 182009

One of the requests that I seem to have run into a few times lately is in assisting clients produce pdf files from word documents and excel spreadsheets. For many years, Adobe has set the standard for pdf document creation with their Acrobat product. More recently, there are more and more options available for users that don’t require an advanced feature set.

I have used Adobe Acrobat and sometimes Scansoft PaperPort for pdf creation. Since I now work about 50% of the time on my MacBook Pro, I find myself creating less pdf files in Windows. I am now less willing to spend money on third party software to gain access to capability that is a native component of OS X.

PDFCreator to the rescue! Another great project from SOURCEFORGE.NET!

Picture 9.png

PDFCreator is a light weight, full featured pdf creation utility (print driver), that includes browser integration, integration with the Windows shell, and excellent MAPI support for your default e-mail client (Outlook). I use this software in conjunction with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader on my Windows system. My favorite feature is the interface that prompts for a file name and has the option to e-mail the file as an attachment. I like this interface both for it’s utility and ease of use.

Picture 10.png

Check it out!


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