Nov 112008

When I found out I was going to have some minor surgery a few weeks ago, one of the things I wanted to be sure to buy before being laid up was a good laptop desk for use with my laptop. I had seen some at Staples, and some others at Barnes & Noble, but never got a chance to grab one before the surgery. While I was in recovering from the anesthesia, my wife ran to the mall and grabbed me one. Later that day, when I wanted to check my e-mail, I unboxed the one she picked up for me. I was very pleased when I saw the box. It showed the desk in use with a MacBook Pro on it. Not to be a total Apple snob, but it seems to me that peripheral designers that show off their products by pairing them with Apple computers tend to be of higher quality. $40 is about twice as much as I would have spent on the desk myself. However, I’m very glad she bought this one. The cushion under the work surface is very comfortable. The weight and balance of the desk is superb, and I find that the surface fits my 15″ MacBook Pro perfectly. This laptop pad has gotten a tremendous amount of use over the past few days, and is sure to get a lot of use in the future.


The e-pad for sale at

NOTE: Hot chick not included.

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