Nov 252008

As an IT consultant, I frequently come into contact with other technology companies while providing consulting services to my clients. Sometimes the work is coordinated, often it is not. When work is not coordinated, my job can often become a bit more challenging than expected.

One of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had recently was working a network installation that had been wired by Mr. Telephone. Several weeks before my client was to occupy their new office space, I had done a walk through to assess their data wiring requirements. Since data wiring is outside the scope of services I am able to provide, I forwarded my spec to the client so that they could contract a company to pull the data runs.

Prior to the network deployment, I had not been contacted by anyone with questions about the wiring requirement. When I arrived onsite, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. My client had contracted Mr. Telephone to handle the data wiring, and Mr. Telephone did an outstanding job! Not only did they anticipate my needs (deploying a small rack complete with shelving for my network equipment), but they did something I have rarely seen and typically have to do myself: labelled each network drop and the patch panel. Each drop was labelled in an intuitive fashion so as to ensure that one could easily distinguish between telephone and data runs. Since cat5 cable was used for phones as well as the network, my client now has tremendous flexibility to move office equipment around without having to call Mr. Telephone back every time they want to move a phone extension or fax line.

The tech that was there when I was on location was very efficient and helpful. He even apologized for the placement of a few difficult runs. I had to laugh out loud at this. These runs were very well located, easy to work with, and better placed than if I had done the wiring myself. Ultimately, the quality of the workmanship put into the data wiring saved my client several hundred dollars by greatly reducing my anticipated workload.

If I am ever in need of a telephone system, I will take a good hard look at Mr. Telephone, given the quality of work they provide. I have worked on networks wired by Mr. Telephone in the past (including fiber-optic connections between buildings), and have found the quality of their workmanship to be consistent in its’ excellence.

Check out Mr. Telephone on the web, or give them a call at 508-394-4610 the next time you need a phone system.