Aug 272008

I had actually already updated to iPhone firmware 2.0.2


While this might improve things elsewhere, here on good old Cape Cod, you won’t have a prayer of maintaining a phone call if you are driving on the mid-Cape. Yes folks, if you want to drop 100% of your calls, just buy yourself an iPhone…

Since I don’t know a thing about cellular networks or service, I decided to disable the 3G radio on my phone to see if it would improve my ability to maintain calls. It did not appear to have any affect. Oh well, at least I can listen to my iTunes when I’m out of cell range.

Aug 162008

Liam: Daddy, I’m getting ice cream.
Daddy: You are?
Liam: Yes!
Daddy: Who’s going to get it for you?
Liam: You are, Daddy.
Daddy: Why am I going to do that?
Liam: Because I want it.

Aug 142008

So have I mentioned lately how much I prefer OS X to Windows? If it wasn’t for Outlook and a few other essential Windows apps, I probably wouldn’t miss it at all.

Recently, while cleaning up a client’s PC, I came across something I hadn’t seen before. In the end the malware was very easy to remove, but what intrigued me was the behavior exhibited by the infected machine. I had been informed that the ‘virus’ was causing the computer to spontaneously reboot several times throughout the day, rendering the computer more or less useless. While remote controlling the to determine if I had to make the 80 mile drive, I witnessed the “reboot” first hand. First the computer exhibited a variation of the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death for all you Windows newbies); then the system “rebooted.” Of course, I should have lost my connection when the machine restarted, so I thought there must be something amiss. The malware was simulating system crashes and restarts, while displaying a modified version of the Windows XP startup splash screen. The blue progress bar moved left to right and then back again like a Cylon Centurion, instead of the typical left to right pattern.

Imagine life without malware. Just another reason to love the Mac.

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