Jul 262008

So I’d heard about people that had such an addiction to their Blackberry’s that they sufferred from depression when service was down or they were without them.

I must love my iPhone.

The fact that I drop calls dozens of times a day (seemingly whenever the phone switches between towers) doesn’t bother me in the least.

I am not troubled by the fact that I can kill the battery dead in under 5 hours.

I can no longer listen to voicemail messages on my $20 bluetooth earpiece (it works on an expensive one, though).

I miss a few really good apps that I had on my old jailbroken iPhone (most of the applications found at the App Store are worthless).

However, when I consider all of the smartphones I’ve owned (or configured for clients) the iPhone still reigns supreme given it’s capability and ease of use.


Jul 112008

New firmware is great. Still needs copy and paste, however. Exchange
sync really makes this feel like the finished product. More to follow.

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