Jul 292008

So when was the last time I needed a floppy drive? And let this be a lesson to all of you. If you are looking to purchase a Dell server with a RAID controller in it, be sure to include a floppy drive. This was necessary to load the RAID driver upon reloading Windows server after a crash. I guess I just sort of assumed they would have come up with an easier method by now.
(and I don’t mean burning an ISO image to cd-rom, either!)


Jul 282008

My usually impossible schedule has been a bit complicated as of late thanks to the unusual amount of lightning we’ve had on Cape Cod lately. In addition to regular maintenance and consulting work, I’ve had five clients suffer catastrophic failures within the last couple of weeks. Additionally, there have been about a half dozen workstations wrecked by lightning This week alone has seen the demise of three file servers.


This little server decided not to boot…