Jun 212008

With all the hype surrounding the iPhone, I figure it’s time for me to weigh in with my 2 cents.

I’ve been using an iPhone since July 2007. I had previously been using a Windows Mobile based PDA phone which had worked fairly well, and allowed access to my exchange data in real time, which was my primary use. After a failed attempt at getting my wife to use a Treo 700W, I purchased an iPhone for her. Within hours, I had iPhone envy. I was initially apprehensive about moving to the iPhone, as I would lose some features that were really important to me:

  • real-time calendar synchronization
  • ability to retrieve call log data in .csv format

However, the iPhone was so easy to dial with one hand, and seemed to respond so much faster than my Windows Mobile phone. I had to periodically restart my Windows Mobile phone due to a suspected memory leak issue. One fateful, stress filled day, my Windows phone had an ‘accident’. I had to purchase a replacement, and the iPhone was cheaper.

Within hours of my purchase, I had a ‘jailbroken’ phone which allowed me to load a variety of 3rd party software on the phone. There are some truly great applications available for the iPhone. Some of my favorites include: a voice recorder, a program that tracks my fuel expense and milage, and a program that manages my Netflix account.

Fast forward 11 months, and I am still in love with my iPhone. It is the only phone that I have never, ever thrown in anger. Never even considered it.

When the new firmware for the phone is released on July 11th, many more applications will be available for download from the iTunes store. I’ll be sure to post a list of my favorites.


iPhone features that I feel are superior to Windows Mobile based devices:

  1. Visual Voicemail — Voicemail messages are accessed directly from your phone without having to call your voice mailbox. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to operate.
  2. Dialing — When compared to the Palm Treo 650 (Palm OS), Palm Treo 700W, Cingular 8125, and Cingular 8525 (the phones I have used in the past three years), I have found that the iPhone is much easier to dial. Once a call has been initiated, conference calling and call waiting work much better than the other phones listed. I had significant problems with the Windows Mobile based phones in cases where I had two or more calls going at once.
  3. Web Browser — While the Safari web browser has some compatibility issues with sites that are designed for Internet Explorer (sites that require ActveX controls), the overall look, feel and usability is much better than other mobile phones.
  4. Multi-touch interface — Navigating and working with data on a mobile device has never been easier.

Reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone:

  1. 3G support — I am looking forward to using the Internet for web surfing, e-mail, and other purposes while talking on the phone. This will greatly improve my productivity on a daily basis.
  2. 3G support — Internet access will be much faster than the EDGE technology built into the current generation iPhone.
  3. GPS — Support for Google Maps with live tracking via GPS data.