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Plex Server Bandwidth

Previously, if you wanted pretty graphs or intel on your Plex server, you had to use or Tautulli (the same project). Now simple bandwidth graphs are built into the web interface of Plex...


WordPress for iOS

This is my first post from the latest version of WordPress for iOS. So far image handling and the media library is disappointing. Thumbnails are few and far between, making it more difficult to...


Fallout 4 Screen Capture from Xbox

#Fallout4 #XboxShare — Bill Kirwin (@niwrik) September 2, 2018 So I found out that I can do this. Kind of cool, but I’m not that much of a gamer.


Moneywell sync bites the dust

For the past three years, I’ve used Moneywell, YNAB, and Banktivity to manage my finances. I generally input my entries as they occur through each applications mobile app, and then tighten things up on...


Firewall Fun

May 2017 – Project Firewall Over the winter, I grabbed a lower end CPU off of a “Slickdeal” with the intention that I would build a firewall to filter content at home. The Intel...


High Sierra….BUST

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the latest Windows 10 update.  It ruined his ability to log in to his local user profile, and he spent days copying data...

Plex Server Traffic 0

Plex Server Traffic

The Hackintosh Plex Server is almost a year old.  It’s interesting to look at the network traffic coming out of it as graphed by Cacti.  The spike between September and October was when I...